Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Philadelphia Auto Show 2018

Evan and I went to the 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show at the Convention Center and we certainly got an eyeful. Some beautiful cars that were as jaw dropping as their sticker price.

First up, a sweet 2018 Camaro.

Next we have the Corvette Z06 coming in at a modest $107,000. Insanely beautiful car though with super car power. Chevy definitely got it right with this latest generation of Corvettes.

If there's one thing Evan loves, it's Italian super cars, and Lamborghini is right at the top of his list. Pictured behind Evan is the Aventador, (Evan, correct me if I'm wrong,) priced at over $500K

Maclaren, another one of Evan's faves.

This Acura NSX is a thing of beauty. Just a perfectly designed automobile.

Last year's Mercedes at the show was a slick silver. This time they showed an eye popping green. 

Love the classic Mercedes styling.

The new BMW i8 is a hybrid, electric and gas. I love how the roof tapers into the rear wheel well. Looks like it would pass any aerodynamics test. Not sure about the color though which I refer to as "mustard puke."

The Camaro ZL-1 with 650hp, carbon fiber hood and wing. This one had a sticker of $75K

Always elegant Aston Martin.

And finally, one of Evan's absolute favorites, the Nissan GT-R. About as fast as any production car on the road and this one came in at $180,000! One. Eighty. That's insane. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Flashback: Evan's Monthly Photos from 1/6/2010

Evan hamming it up for the camera with his Little Tykes guitar.

I don't know what note he's hitting here, but he's putting a lot of effort into it.

Look at this handsome fella! A little over a month later he would be welcoming his new baby sister!

Evan reading one of his favorite books.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Flashback: Venturing Outside in January 1/5/2013

Getting some much needed time outside in winter time. 

Evan and our beloved Elvis.
Awesome tea party with friends.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Flashback: Elvis snoozing on the couch in Florida 1/2/2004

Elvis was just a pup here in our apartment in Naples, FL. It was his first New Years with us, and he was such a cuddly and playful puppy. Even as a pup, his personality shined through. Miss him so much.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Getting ready for Christmas!

Updated my Google Drive account and got tons more storage! So I can start posting on the Daddy Diaries again. Very Excited. This week will be dedicated to Christmas movies and photos. Some that haven't been seen in a long time!