Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Nor'easter

Well we got hit with our 4th Nor'easter of March. Some places fared better than others. Anywhere from 1" to 19". Here in southeast PA, we had about 5-6" of wet snow. The kids had 2 days off from school. So Evan called me this morning and asked if I'd take him and his buddy Gavin Sledding/Snowboarding.

The kids never saw "Office Space" so this meme may be lost on them, but you get the idea. 

We headed over to Lynwood School in Havertown. There are some good hills there. Nothing crazy, just good sledding hills.Very crowded today as I'm sure people think this may be the last sledding opportunity of the year, but with the way the weather has been, who knows? Evan and Gavin took turns on his snowboard. 

Gavin riding the sled down the hill like a snowboard. 

Evan and Gavin pose for a quick pic.

Snow was pretty wet and it was almost 50 degrees out, so it was slow going down the hill, but still tons of fun!

I think he's ready to do some real snowboarding in the Poconos next year!

Evan started shedding layers since it was so warm out. All in all it was a good day. Probably our last chance of the year to enjoy the snow. Bring on spring. Maybe surfing in the summer?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fun Times and Good Friends

BFFs Eliana and Kyleigh

The girls with Angel, one of two brothers, the much bigger one is named Scooby. 

Girl Power!

Evan helping his buddy Baydon get back into his Deadpool suit before the next shot.

Brayden (on Right,) is truly a superhero. He lost his dad, (and my good friend, Keith,) just a few months ago. But his spirit and enthusiasm is contagious. He's just an all around great kid, loves sports, video games, and has an awesome attitude. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Who is this kid???

Evan walks up to my car today looking more stylish than some of the rappers I've worked with at music festivals. So of course we had to do a photo shoot! My neighbor has a 2012 Bentley, so we walked next door and snapped some pics.
Evan showing off his new ride. 

Evan wanted me to take this photo for the screen saver on his phone. 

Future super star. 

Testing Out the New Bike

We had a couple of mild days (between Nor'easters,) and Eliana got to yes out her new mountain bike! She had long been asking me for a mountain bike and she finally got it for her birthday. 

The trick is, is that it has several gears and handbrakes on both grips. So it takes some getting used to, but she did great!

Eliana posing with her new bike. Can't wait to hit the trails with her and Evan.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Daddy Daughter Day (January)

For Daddy-Daughter day in January, Eliana spent a few hours at the Philadephia Zoo. It was an unusually nice day for January, so we got to enjoy walking out side and checking out all the animals.

Had to place my Samsung phone precariously on a pole and set the time. Luckily the phone didn't fall.

We ran onto her friend Myah randomly, we didn't even know she was gonna be there.

This leopard was so cool. I whistled to get his attention, and he came right over. Probably thought we were going to feed him.

There's a cool overhead walkway and structure that the kids can climb up into for a bird's eye view.

 Eliana picked out a really cute stuffed animal on the way out. What will we do for March's Daddy-Daughter Day? I guess she will tell me.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Philadelphia Auto Show 2018

Evan and I went to the 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show at the Convention Center and we certainly got an eyeful. Some beautiful cars that were as jaw dropping as their sticker price.

First up, a sweet 2018 Camaro.

Next we have the Corvette Z06 coming in at a modest $107,000. Insanely beautiful car though with super car power. Chevy definitely got it right with this latest generation of Corvettes.

If there's one thing Evan loves, it's Italian super cars, and Lamborghini is right at the top of his list. Pictured behind Evan is the Aventador, (Evan, correct me if I'm wrong,) priced at over $500K

Maclaren, another one of Evan's faves.

This Acura NSX is a thing of beauty. Just a perfectly designed automobile.

Last year's Mercedes at the show was a slick silver. This time they showed an eye popping green. 

Love the classic Mercedes styling.

The new BMW i8 is a hybrid, electric and gas. I love how the roof tapers into the rear wheel well. Looks like it would pass any aerodynamics test. Not sure about the color though which I refer to as "mustard puke."

The Camaro ZL-1 with 650hp, carbon fiber hood and wing. This one had a sticker of $75K

Always elegant Aston Martin.

And finally, one of Evan's absolute favorites, the Nissan GT-R. About as fast as any production car on the road and this one came in at $180,000! One. Eighty. That's insane.