Saturday, April 28, 2018

Eliana's First Holy Communion

Eliana's Baptism 2010 - First Holy Communion 2018 at the same exact place, St Dorothy's Church. 

It was a beautiful ceremony today with 60 St Dot's students receiving their first Holy Communion. Thinking back to Eliana's Baptism, and the fact that my parents were there that day was bittersweet. I did think of them during prayers. But to see Eliana so grown up and beautiful is breathtaking. I love her so much, and I wish things were different, but I am grateful for the time we do have together.

Eliana exiting her chariot in style. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Bad Lip Reading - Mark Zuckerberg

Well, it's not quite "Seagulls Stop it Now," but it's still pretty funny. To give you some context, Mark Zuckerberg is the man child that came up with the idea for Facebook way back yonder in the year two thousand and five. Several years before even Evan was born. Anyway, everyone signed up to share photos, news stories, etc. Mark wound up being a very, very rich man, and recently had to testify before Congress, blah, blah, blah. I don't have to explain it, you guys get Bad Lip Reading. Check this one out. Even if you don't totally understand what's going on, it's still pretty funny.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Back at Llanerch Hills for a Game.

Man, yesterday was no joke. Game time temperature was 47 degrees and the wind made it feel much, much colder. But when I got to the field, Evan and Eliana ran up and hugged me, best feeling ever. Eliana is at Hilltop, a different league, playing against her old league, Llanerch Hills. Nevertheless, it was good to be back on Dermond Field B, where both Evan and Eliana played for several seasons. Despite the cold, Eliana nearly went 2 for 2. She belted a single, then at her next at bat, made great contact, but it went right to the girl playing first base, who beat her to the bag. No biggie, her slugging percentage is 1.000. Even one of the coached leaned over and said, "Do you think she wants to play on the tournament team?" The funny thing is, Eliana doesn't even really take it that seriously, but she gets it, and is getting better and better at softball.

Photos above depicting how serious Eliana is.

Eliana did a great job as catcher and seems to like that position. The coaches were impressed with her ability to stop the ball. Looking forward to a great season with the BUZZ!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Opening Day Parade (Hilltop Softball)

Eliana and Lizzy at the opening day parade. Finally the weather broke and we had a beautiful morning and a huge turnout. Eliana had batting practice later in the day and I let Eliana play with her teammates while Evan and I shot hoops. Looking forward to seeing Eliana's games this season, although today, the weather seems to have shifted back to winter. It's freezing and it's supposed to rain all afternoon.