Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Taken by Mommy, August 23rd.
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Evan's First Sleepover

Evan had his first sleepover at Chris & Gina's last weekend. Mommy and Daddy took him with us up to Staten Island to see Chris for his birthday. Evan seemed to enjoy himself. He's a great party guest, and loves spending time with everyone. Gina is due the second week of September with Evan's future buddy, CJ. Evan got to hang out in CJ's nursery and actually slept through most of the night. Early next morning, we took Evan across the Verrazzano Bridge into Brooklyn, then through the Battery Tunnel into Manhattan, up the West Side Hwy past the World Trade Center Site and through the Lincoln Tunnel to New Jersey. All firsts for Evan, but I think he slept through most of it.
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Elvis Stole a Binky!

Give it back. Elvis. C'mon, be a good boy.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Auntie Doris

Sadly, my Auntie Doris passed away yesterday in England at the age of 88. This comes just a little over two months after the passing of my Aunt Aggie, who lived with Doris in the house they spent much of their lives in on Wadham Rd. I'm still awaiting details from my cousins, who are probably overwhelmed at the moment, so our prayers are with them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2028 Olympics

Evan practicing for the 2028 Olympics!
He's been practicing since he was just 5 weeks old, but today he seems
to have perfected his signature move: while pushing against his right
arm, he stretches his left arm out and then swings it over to the right and
Flip! over he goes! He is very proud of himself and so is his mommy.
(Photos by Mommy)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Evan Looking More Like Austin

Evan trying on CJ's cowboy hat at the Iatauro's house for Chris & Gina's Baby Shower last weekend. Chris & Gina's baby CJ is expected to arrive around Sept. 10th! For those of you counting, Evan will be 11 weeks old tomorrow.
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Saturday, August 9, 2008


When you live on the edge and have a busy schedule like me, you have no time to stop at red lights. It was Saturday, I had just finished work, and was on my way up the West Side Hwy in Manhattan to pick up our new stroller and then head down to the Jersey Shore to meet Genevieve and Evan. I got a ticket in the mail from the City of New York DOT, my Durango was photographed running a red light.
I can imagine how this happened. Here I am heading up the West Side Hwy with a full head of steam, Queens of the Stone Age blasting through the stereo speakers, I see the light turn yellow and inspired by blaring metal music, I hit the gas, headed for glory! The 0.45 number refers to how long the light was red as approached the intersection, less than 1/2 a second!

Later suckas! You'll never catch me! The ticket was $50.

Evan Watching the Opening Ceremonies

For the first time in his entire 2 months of his life, Evan finally notices TV! And how could he miss it, his Uncle Ted's TV is the size of a football field and it even has surround sound! So to Evan it was probably like watching an Imax movie. It was so funny to see his reaction to the TV, especially when the surround sound came on! His little eyes grew so huge like gigantic saucers, trying to take it all in, you can see it in the picture that Frankie took of him. It was too funny. Normally I wouldn't want Evan to watch the TV but it was the opening ceremony to the Olympics, and it definitely was not to be missed, no matter how young you are. It was an incredible show and I'm glad that Evan experienced it, even if he doesn't remember it when he gets older. I just hope that when he is old enough to watch TV that he's not too disappointed in our "teeny tiny" TV compared to Uncle Ted's Imax TV with surround sound! (E-mail to Daddy from Mommy.)

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dear Daddy

E-mail from Mommy while Daddy's away at work in New York:

here's your baby yesterday morning playing with his toys, this is what
we do when your sleeping, you're laying right next to him sound
asleep. this is the morning that he woke up with the ability to grab
things, i found this out when he woke me up by grabbing my hair and
pulling it, and i opened my eyes to see him with that funny grin on
his face, so proud of himself. So we broke out the toys to try out
his new talent. He also is starting to want to put everything in his
mouth, which is what he was doing with the rattle.

apparently sleeping for 12 hours is exhausting...
it was for me, I must have checked to make sure he was breathing at
least a hundred times last night!
he slept soundly from 6pm to midnight when I woke him up to feed him
then from midnight till four then from four to six this morning!
But here he is at 8 this morning, fell asleep in the outfit that one
of your Aunties sent from England.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Picture Time!

This was great, Evan heard an airplane going over and whipped his head around to look up.

Evan recently graduated to size 2 pampers.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Evan's Talking (Sorta)

I don't know if you'd call these first words or not, but Evan says "Agooooo" back to you if you say it to him.

This was Evan laughing on Sunday. I love this shot.

Evan on his blanky handmade by Isabel Iatauro.

Genevieve's holding a light filter over Evan's head with one hand, while coaxing him to smile with a doll in the other hand, while I'm holding the camera with one hand, and swatting away mosquitos with the other. The end result was good anyway!

Evan and Mommy

It's after midnight and we're having a hard time getting him to go to sleep. Usually, he's asleep for 4 hours at this point, but he's restless tonight for some reason. We were trying to do our birth announcements and thank you cards tonight, but kept having to run upstairs every few minutes to check on him. We'd hear him fussing through the baby monitor, we'd take turns running up to put his binky back in his mouth, or turn him on his side, and just to try to get him comfortable so he could sleep. Hopefully, he'll sleep through the night after being up so late. He had a busy day today, and maybe we overstimulated him. I'm just hoping we all get some rest, I may have to head back to New York tomorrow morning for my work week. (Uh oh, Evan's downstairs with mommy now and wide awake, and laughing. I hope he doesn't plan on being up all night!)

Story Time with Evan

Evan really seemed to be focusing on the pictures in this book, it was my first time reading a story to him.Photo by Mommy...8/2/08 We had a little photo shoot outside with Evan today, I'll post those later...
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Friday, August 1, 2008

2 Months!

Hard to believe it was 2 months ago tonight that Evan came into the world. He's gotten so big already that it's easy to forget how tiny he was just a few short weeks ago. He LOVES taking baths, and usually winds up soaking the whole bathroom from kicking and splashing so much. All I can think about most of the time is how I want to take him places. I think about how cool it's going to be checking out baseball games with him, drag races, rodeos, the circus! So much to look forward to! Just added 100 New Photos on Flickr! Check them out! The most recently added starts HERE!