Saturday, February 27, 2010


Evan dancing at the bowling alley.

Evan and Daddy - Photo: Frankie, age 10
Daddy bowling - Photo: Frankie, age 10.

We took Evan Bowling for the first time this past weekend. It was his cousin Frankie's 10th Birthday Party. Even with a 6lb bowling ball, I think it was to much for Evan. He wanted to try it, but it was just to heavy to hurl down the alley. So he let Daddy do it. He had fun nonetheless, spent most of the night dancing to the music, putting on a show for everyone.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowbunny -post by mommy

I forgot to post that on Thursday Eliana had a doctors appointment to re-check her weight. Of course we were in the middle of a winter blizzard, the kind where you can't see because it's snowing so hard and the wind is so strong and COLD! I bundled Eliana up the best I could and we braved the weather to go see the doctor. Eliana is a very very sleepy baby. So sleepy that we had a hard time waking her up and keeping her awake long enough to eat. While we were still in the hospital she ended up losing weight, going from 8 pounds 8 ounces to 7 pounds 10 ounces in just two days. When we left the hospital she was up 2 ounces and yesterday weighed in at 8 pounds 7 ounces! yay! She's been awake a little bit more every day, but still spends a great deal of time sleeping. She doesn't cry much, actually she doesn't cry at all, only cries when I don't feed her fast enough. She has been eating and wanting to eat which is a great sign that she's doing well. Oh, wait, I'm wrong, she also cries when Evan cries. But that's about it. She does make these funny squeaky noises all day long, kinda seems like she's trying to talk to us already. I told Evan the other night that she was singing him to sleep, and it worked! He feel asleep curled up to his baby sister while she "sang" him to sleep. They are just the cutest.

Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Hard

This winter has been a difficult one. I work as a freelancer in the film business, which is difficult even in good times, but this winter has been even more of a struggle than last. I've dedicated, (on and off,) the last 13 years of my life trying to succeed in this business. I have had no mentor, no formal training, and no one to elevate me through the ranks, but have somehow (against all odds,) managed to make a name for myself in this business. However, the recession, combined with a perfect storm of bad weather and bad luck have left me without gainful employment since November. Sure, I have a lot of prospects, and many 'irons in the fire' so to speak, but for the most part, this winter has been nothing less than a struggle.

A week ago today, I witnessed the birth of my daughter. It's something I'll never forget. No matter how dire things may seem in every other aspect of my life, the birth of my daughter wiped away all of those fears and concerns. At that moment, something inside of me told me that everything will be alright. Lately, since her birth, I've felt something so unfamiliar, that I almost didn't recognize it. I felt happy. When I hold her, I feel a sense of peace come over me. As if some other force in the universe is telling me that everything is going to be okay. She calms me, and makes all of my immediate concerns seem insignificant. A week ago I became a father again, but what's more significant is the fact that I am now a part of my own family.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Evan and his baby sister

Evan hung out with his baby sister a lot today. We even took a nap together, all of us, Evan, Eliana, Mommy, and even Elvis and Lucy. It was really really nice, all we were missing was Daddy but he had to go back to work today. We missed him a lot. Evan kept sitting up to check on Eliana and would point to her and say "baby" then lay back down. He even enjoyed having her in his room with him while he played with his toys. I left them "alone" for a minute to see what he would do with her if he thought no one was watching him. He immediately went over to her bassinet, leaned over and gave her a kiss then patted her on her head. He has been so sweet with her giving her little pats and getting real close to check her out but this was the first time I saw him give her a kiss. He is such a sweet boy. He loves his sister.

A Video For Eliana

A short video montage covering the birth of our sweet, baby girl, Eliana. What a week it's been!
Set to Priscilla Ahn's "Dream." Hope you like.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kisses From Mommy

Mommy and Eliana early this morning...

Welcome Home Eliana

Eliana at the hospital all dressed and ready to go home.

Comfy cozy in the car seat...

Proud daddy driving home.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Home Today!

Mommy and Eliana with the fabulous Dr. Theresa Marlino who delivered both Evan and Eliana.

Mommy and Eliana getting some QT with Mommy.

New Photos From Thursday

Evan got to see his sister again today.

He drew some pictures for Mommy.

Checkin' out sis.

Evan and Eliana

Poppop spends some quality time with Eliana

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

R & R

Today was all about rest and relaxation for Mommy and Eliana. You may as well throw another 'R' in there for 'recovery.' It was a nice, quiet day here at the hospital, we had no visitors. Eliana slept quite a bit after being up for most of the night. I was able to get an hour or so of sleep here and there in the morning hours, but that was about it. Doctors and Nurses were in and out of the hospital room all day, checking on Mommy and Eliana. Evan spent the day at home with his grandparents. It's strange being away from him for so long. We're scheduled to go home on Friday if all goes well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eliana in Black & White

I should point out that the photo below is of Eliana, and the photo above where it says Daddy Diaries is of Evan, taken 20 months ago. They look like twins 20 months apart!

Poppop and Nana meet Eliana

Evan and his baby sister

Happy family