Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lion at the Cape May Zoo

Cape May Zoo

We made a day trip from Avalon over to the Cape May Zoo. It was Eliana's first trip to the Zoo. Not sure if she liked it or not, she spent most of the time relaxing in her stroller. It was a really hot day, (about 96 degrees,) so both kids were kind of over it within the first hour.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Chloe Ruth

Chloe Ruth Iatauro, born July 6th 2010

CJ and Evan hanging out in Staten Island yesterday.

Eliana still trying to crawl. She's getting there!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home With the Kids

Today, Mommy was at work all day and night and Daddy was home with the little ones. We were kept inside most of the day by torrential rains, but we still managed to have fun. 
The kids don't know what to watch on TV now that the World Cup is over.

Eliana doing the "Supergirl." She's trying to crawl, but she lifts her arms and legs up off the ground and it looks like she's flying. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th part 2

Well, I was hoping the kiddies would sleep in today, but nope, they were up as usual. It didn't help that Eliana was up all night. But we did enjoy a very very long nap today. And boy did we need it. Evan fell asleep in the middle of a tantrum, and woke up like a brand new boy. I took Evan to a BBQ where he was able to play in a swimmy pool with some other kids his age. I was very impressed with how nice he was to the other kids, he's a good boy. When we got home everyone had their sprinklers on so Evan took advantage of that and had fun on the neighbors lawn. We ended the night watching fireworks on t.v. and watching Evan dance for us. OH! And Eliana decided to tonight to try to sit up from laying down! Yay for Baby Sister!! She pulls herself up onto her elbow from her back and tries to sit up further but just ends up flipping onto her belly. It was fun watching her try so hard. It was also funny to watch her do her other trick which is grabbing onto the "bars" of her play mat and lift herself up. She wants to get up and play so bad! She is a very determined little girl.
I just realized now, looking at this photo of Evan playing in the sprinkler, that I think I picked the wrong shirt for him to wear today.  ooopsie!

Happy Fourth of July!

Some photos from Eliana's first 4th of July/Mikey's Birthday Party:

Photo of Eliana and Mommy by EVAN!  (look how cute Eliana's belly button is!)

Myspace faces!

Evan did not like the fireworks at all this year. Eliana didn't even notice them, she was so sound asleep that they didn't even wake her up. In Evan's defense, the fireworks did seem a lot louder and closer than previous years. At one point the fireworks stopped because people in the crowd were being burned by the embers, a lot of people started leaving, but they started them up again a short time later. Luckily we were watching from a very safe distance, Aunt Dot's backyard. That was only for about a minute before we took a crying Evan and a sound asleep Eliana inside to hang out with all of the other frightened kiddies.  You'd think after such a long (and fun) day Evan would have been sound asleep as soon as we got home.  Nope.  We got in around midnight.  He finally fell asleep around 2 am!!  I hope they both sleep in tomorrow!