Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baseball Cards!

I wanted to make baseball cards for Evan's photos, but didn't know how. Doing some research online,  I came across this app called "Starr Cards Retro 75" where you can just insert a photo and input all of the information, and it comes out great! I can print them out and make realistic looking baseball cards for Evan to remember his first Tee Ball Season! Check them out!
This was a photo I took this morning!

In action shot!

Posing at 2nd base.

Running to 3rd.

Another action shot.

I'm really happy with these!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Slugger

Great game today! Boy, coaching 4 year old tee ball is not easy. You only have their attention for about 10% of the time. But most of them respond well to coaching, and they really seem to like when you're pleased with something they did well. Today, I was in the outfield helping kids catch grounder and throw it back to me. Not as easy as it sounds. I had kids hitting each other, trying to climb the fence, looking the opposite way, it was hard to keep them focused! But they did well. I saw a couple of kids start to get better right before my eyes. Evan did great today. He got a hit that went right into the outfield, and was really good and fielding and throwing.

Evan about to get a big hit!

Evan on First Base.

Waiting on 3rd to come home!

The runner goes!

He scores!

Coach Pete and Evan leaving the field after the game.

All hands in the middle, ready? 1...2...3! Phillies!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feels Like Summer!

It was 88 degrees today. Evan and Eliana were over at Daddy's and we worked on some Tee Ball hitting, and Eliana joined in! She did great! She was very determined as you will see in the photos below. Evan was really drilling some line drives. I adjusted his batting stance slightly and had him line up the fat part of his bat, similar to the way a golfer would line up the golf club to the ball on the tee. He really started clobbering the ball.

Look at how handsome this boy is. I don't know if you can see the shirt, but I got it at Target today, it's a Tiger with his mouth open. Evan told me he was 'posing' for photos now.

Eliana was busy picking 'flowers.' They were weeds really, with tiny little purple flowers on top.

Magnolia Tree in full bloom.

Eliana offering me some tiny flowers.

Evan hitting the ball of the tee.

Eliana and the face of sheer determination. She did great!

Eliana wanted to climb this tree!

Evan's turn!

My big girl.

Great day with the kids today. HOT! Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home Base

So tonight, it was really warm out. I told Evan I had a surprise for him out in my car, his own tee ball tee and home plate. He already had his pajamas on and not shoes, but he wanted to go outside with me to my car, so his Mommy said "carry him." As I'm carrying a noticeably heavier and taller Evan to my car on a warm starlit Spring night, I said "Evan, I'm going to be really sad when you get even bigger and you don't want me to carry you anymore." He said, "It's okay Daddy, we'll still be best friends," and he laid his cheek against mine.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baseball Weekend.

It was tremendous. Evan's first baseball game ever. 4 year old tee ball. We had games both Saturday and Sunday. When we arrived, we found out there was no coach. Me and a few parents jumped in and before you know it, we're coaching a 4 year old tee ball team.

Play Ball! Evan and his team run out onto the field. 

Evan gets some instructions from Coach Nikki.

Evan gets a piece of one!

Evan heading home to score his first run.

Evan poses at 2nd Base on Sunday.

Evan listens intently to Coach Nikki.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Evan: Dad, I'm gonna get a motorcycle.

Daddy: Not right now you're not.

Evan: Ok, well when Im 5 then.