Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Evan's first lego set that he built all on his own.  All I did was help him with some of the instructions but he put it all together on his own.  And by the end of the night it was all in tiny pieces again all over the living room floor.  He's getting to be such a big boy.  I can't believe in a few days he will be FOUR years old!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bounce House at Stephanie's Birthday Party!

 Eliana finally playing in the sand!!
 Just last year she wouldn't let a grain of sand touch her, today she was rubbing it all over her legs!
 (I know! his feet are so dirty! He spent the whole day running around barefoot between the bounce house, swimmy pool, sand box and chasing kids through the yard. He had a great time)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rose Tree Park - Walk for the Wounded

Saturday was Rose Tree Park's annual Walk for the Wounded.  It was an event to raise funds for wounded soldiers.  It was a fun day, and I was proud to point to my Dad and say he was a Vietnam Vet.  

May Day Play Day aka My Birthday

Evan poses for a photo to show how cool he is in his snow boots.  Yes, both of my kids often insist on wearing their snow boots on the most beautiful days of the year.
Eliana walking the runway in her snow boots as well.
Flowers from the kids and my Mom from her garden for my birthday.  

Eliana working seriously on her driveway chalk drawing.

And this is her not so seriously working on a chalk drawing.
Evan and his masterpiece.  I think it is quite good!  Looks like some of the graffiti art that's out there today

Eliana loves her big brother.

Evan loves his little sister.
Eliana and her Nana.  We walked down to the elementary school that was having their annual May Day Play Day.  It was fun for the little kids.  They had some games little kids can play, fire truck rides, a DJ, and a bounce house obstacle course that Eliana froze in.  I had to throw off my shoes and climb in and get her!
Eliana holding on for dear life to her prize ticket which they punch a hole into like points for every game you play. The more points/holes the bigger the prize.  She wouldn't let anyone punch a hole into her card.  After a whole day playing games, she got a pack of smarties and a tiny plastic slinky. Wrapped around it is her bracelet to let her onto the "rides" which she refused to let the lady put on her wrist.
Eliana looking stylish as she eats her banana.

Eliana pulling on my camera strap while we wait in line.
Eliana asked the clown (in the background) for a giraffe.  It later turned into a snake wich Eliana rather enjoyed because she started to try making her own balloon animals out of it till it popped.
Watching Eliana eat cotton candy is hilarious.

Cotton candy is sticky!

We just missed the fire truck rides but the firemen were nice enough to let us climb on the truck.
Eliana wanted to drive.  She got right up into the drivers seat.  I bet that fireman loved having his steering wheel all sticky from those little cotton candy hands.

This is the same fire truck that we chase after in the summer time when it drives through the neighborhood full of kids for birthday parties.
It was a such a nice birthday.  I wasn't expecting to end up in a bounce house or to have cotton candy on my birthday but I did and it was great.