Sunday, February 15, 2009

Da Da Da Da!

Evan's first words? Well, we're not really sure... Evan started saying "Agoo" quite a few months ago, which was followed by the confusing, "Bob." Not sure where that one came from, possibly a phonetic accident, but it was very clearly annunciated with emphasis on the second "B." Recently, however, he began saying "Da Da" around me and "Ma Ma" when with his mommy. So, I'm not sure when you officially declare a baby's first word, but Evan is without a doubt, starting to speak up. He was singing "Da Da Da Da" all day today. He's been amusing himself by pointing at everything. This is new within the last week or two. He points at pictures in his books, and things in the room he wants you to look at. Another funny thing he's been doing is shaking his head "No." When you tell him "No, No Evan!" He starts shaking his head back and forth. Very cute, but he has been using it to express disapproval. When he doesn't want anymore yogurt, he starts shaking his head "No!" He knows what "No" means, I think that's a good start.

He's also becoming fearless when it comes to crawling, picking himself up on furniture, and exploring cabinets, which has required us to think more about baby-proofing. He's already found the electrical outlets, and loves cords, remote controls, video game controllers, sharp objects, pretty much anything you wouldn't want an 8 month old to have. Of course most of these objects wind up in his mouth within seconds. I walk into a room with him now and within seconds I can assess everything that has to be moved to higher ground immediately. Remote control; up on the shelf! That half glass of soda teetering on the edge of the table; to the kitchen! The Nintendo Wii controllers left on the floor; in the cabinet! I have to think this way, because the second I put him down on the floor, he goes right for whatever it is you don't want him to touch.

He's already scaled the stairs leading to the second floor several times, and is picking himself up on any stable (or sometimes unstable,) piece of furniture in his path. He can transfer himself from one piece of furniture to another with relative ease, but is still a little wobbly once he lets go with one hand. Nonetheless, I think he's way ahead of schedule on all counts, especially his attempts at walking. He can walk around surprisingly quickly if you're holding both of his hands, but it doesn't require a tight grip, it's mostly him, I think he just needs a little more leg strength and he'll be off and running.

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