Thursday, June 4, 2009


Evan found out today that he can spin! He has been surprising us, and himself with all of the new tricks he is picking up! Last week he started walking backwards! He thinks this is sooo funny. He also has been putting his head on the floor as if he's about to tumble but never flips over (yet), and just recently while his head is on the floor, his tush up in the air, he will lift up a leg and a hand- tadah! Amazing! He is so cute. He'll make sure to do this right in front of you so that you don't miss this amazing trick! He sees someone do something like Pop Pop walking backwards or watching Natalie and Emma tumbling, and tries to copy it or it's just purely by accident, like almost tripping and then saving himself at the last minute, I'm not sure, but we are so proud of him. And you can tell by the funny smile on his face he is proud of himself too.

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