Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evan's First Concert EVER!

Tonight was Evan's first concert. Mommy was working at The Flaming Lips concert at the Festival Pier in Philadelphia. So I brought him by to visit Mommy at work, and check out his first Rock 'n' Roll concert. We were both a little worried about how he might react. First of all, we're talking way, way, past his bedtime. We knew it would going to be loud with bright flashing lights, and if it startled him, he may want to go home right then and there. But when we got near the stage, he go all excited and started pointing. He had an ablsolute blast. I didn't have my camera at first, but I decided to run back to the dressing room trailers and grab it. It's a good thing I did, because when I got back, they had released tons of balloons and confetti, and Evan was loving it. (See video.) He was so happy, dancing, moving his arms, clapping, having a great time. After about 5 songs, he decided he was more interested in the ball shaped lights they had hanging at the pier. A few minutes after we got back to the backstage area traliers, it started pouring, thunder and lightening, the works. The band wanted to continue, but the rain went on for nearly an hour and it was time for everyone to go home. Genevieve and I grabbed some towels, and made a dash for the car in the pouring rain. He completely zonked out in the car. What a great experience!

Evan's First Concert (The Flaming Lips, Festival Pier, Philadelphia) from Pete Burke on Vimeo.


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