Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eliana's Birthday (Morning)

The Birthday Girl

What are you looking at?

I spent most of Eliana's Birthday morning running around trying to find her pink heart shaped balloons. You'd think it would be easy being so close to Valentine's Day, but it was just the opposite. The first two stores I went to, one had run out of helium, and the other had run out of the pink heart balloons. One of the ladies that worked there was nice enough to call around to all of their other stores to see if they had any pink heart balloons left over, none of them had any left, except for the last one she called. So off I went to the only store in the Philadelphia area with any pink heart balloons and helium left. Luckily, Eliana was in the middle of a 3 hour nap when I got back. So Evan, Mommy, and me went up to her room to surprise her when she woke up. These shots are of Evan and Eliana playing in her crib just after she woke up.

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