Thursday, March 3, 2011


March came in as expected, with erratic weather, but we've had a few nice days sandwiched in between the unrelenting cold of winter. These days, we'll take anything above 45 degrees as a reason to go outside. Now that the kids seem to be getting over being sick, I wanted to take them out to get some playtime in, but then I got sick. So we didn't get out until late afternoon and had only about an hour before the sun set and it started getting cold again.

The long shadows of Winter. Soon it will be Spring, and we'll be out every single day, but for now, we try to cram as many sports in as possible before dinner. Here, we're playing some sort of tennis/baseball hybrid.

Eliana stayed inside. She was just getting over being sick and we didn't want to chance bringing her out. She watched Evan and I play from the glass door. Come one Spring! We're getting impatient here.

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