Monday, July 25, 2011


We spent almost the entire day Saturday packing for our week at the beach house in Avalon, NJ. It was another hot one on Saturday. It was over 100 degrees again while I was cleaning out the car. I must have
soaked 3 or 4 t-shirts right through. Once we got everything packed tightly into the car, we were ready for the 100 plus mile trip to Avalon. 

Sunday was our first full day at the beach. We set up our little tent, and Evan was off and running. Dodging waves, building sand castles, Evan would stay on the beach until sunset if you let him.

Eliana on the other hand, well that's a different story. Eliana's not a big fan of the beach. She doesn't like to put her feet in the sand. In fact, she doesn't even like ANY sand touching her feet. When Mommy tries to put her down on the sand, Eliana lifts her feet up, and performs Cirque du Soliel type moves to avoid touching the sand. It's a sight to behold, it truly is. I don't know how she does it. 

Then the skies took a turn for the worse. 

So we had to leave the beach, the lightening was getting pretty bad, and pretty close.

The storm seemed to have come out of nowhere. We made it back to the house without getting wet, but not by much. The storm lasted for several hours and unleashed some of the heaviest rain and worst lightening I've ever seen in New Jersey. It's a good thing we got rain, because the sand these people were walking across was at least 130 degrees, you couldn't even think of walking across it barefoot. 

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