Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beautiful September

Evan and Eliana spent most of the afternoon outside today. The weather has been beautiful and they took full advantage of it. The only setback was the darn mosquitos, they seem more aggressive now for some reason. Even though I covered the kids in bug spray, I still had to squish dozens of skeeters that kept biting them. They had fun mixing the sidewalk chalk with water and making hand footprints on the driveway. 
Evan and Eliana were kicking the soccer ball around, but still have some issues with sharing, or maybe I should say, not sharing. They still had lots of fun though. Eliana likes playing in her car, and sitting in the wagon, having some yogurt.

Eliana covered in chalk. I think she ate some to be honest. 

One of the hardest things for me to do, is get Evan and Eliana in the same photo. I always have to trick them, or bargain with them. Evan was nice enough to jump in the wagon with Eliana and give me a few poses before declaring, "No more pictures, okay daddy?" They'll appreciate them someday, I think.

Evan was mad because I wanted to take a photo of him kicking the ball. The kids played until well after dark and were covered in dirt, chalk, and mosquito bites. All in all, a good day of playing and running around, they should be nice and tired. Now, Mommy's giving them a bath and we're hoping they'll go to bed shortly after. We shall see...