Saturday, April 28, 2012

Space Shuttle Enterprise Flyover

Hi Evan and Eliana, Daddy was in New York working this week when I saw this! A Space Shuttle on top of an airplane! And I got pictures! How cool is that? The Space Shuttle is called the 'Enterprise.'  I met with CJ and Chloe's daddy, Chris, and we went up on the roof of the building where he works! I don't think you would have liked it up there, it was windy and very cold, and we had to wait for like, a really long time. (An hour.) Anyway, it was really exciting to see the plane with the shuttle on top flying right past us! The plan is, the worker guys (and girls) are going to take the Space Shuttle off of the top of the plane, then put it on a boat, and bring it to a museum. So if you want, this summer, we can go see it up close and in person! - Daddy.