Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day at the Playground With Daddy

Had so much fun with the kids on Sunday at one of their favorite playgrounds. It has a big wooden structure that the kids can climb on, a big sand box, and some nature trails that lead to a creek. Perfect for skipping rocks, or in my kid's case. Throwing the biggest rocks they can lift of the ground to make the biggest splash possible.

One of the few fleeting moments I can get these two in the same frame!


Getting down to business. Building a castle.

Evan hurls a giant rock into the creek.


Look what I found Daddy!

Magic light.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,those are great pictures of the kids...Fantastic one of the splash from the rock Evan threw.look in the bush above the splash...Does'nt that look like someones clothes hanging on a branch?Or are my eyes deceiving me? Happy to hear you are spending so much time with the kids.

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