Monday, February 11, 2013

Can't Sleep!

Oh boy, this waiting on checks from production companies is a killer. Bust your butt on a job and wait weeks and weeks for a check. The stress! It's keeping me up at night. Anyway, since I'm up in the middle of the night...

The big Storm of the Week/Century "Nemo" gave us a glancing blow, dropping only about 2 inches here as opposed to the 2 feet New England got. Evan was home sick, so the kids didn't really go out and play in this one. I'm sure there will be more storms before February is out.

And if Evan's Groundhog is correct, we will have 6 more weeks of Winter.

The kids were over for a few days last week. I got rid of cable. So we don't watch TV per se. We watch movies, and I have about 30 episodes of Spongebob on DVD, most of which I know all of the dialog by heart by now. They've seen the three original Star Wars movies, and they love the Superman Movies (1&2 with Christopher Reeve.) We do take breaks from the TV to play and do puzzles. It's just too darn cold to go outside.

I finally found a place where the kids will sit and eat! What, you say, would make these young children behave at a restaurant? One word: Fire. Yes! Fire! I've been taking the kids to the local Pei Wei restaurant. (From the people that brought you PF Chang's, except scaled down a bit.) The food is the same, and the kids actually eat! They both like the Ginger Brocolli Chicken. The best part is, the kitchen is visible to the entire restaurant , and the kids love when they cook with fire! Big flames gush out of the grill. "Whoa! Did you see that Daddy" says Evan. Eliana loves that she gets to pick out her own drink at the soda fountain that has a touch screen. They both got Hi-C. I actually had a couple sitting next to us compliment the kid's behavior! Amazing! Still. I only have 30 minutes, max, so I'm shoveling food down my throat all while trying to feed them, and keep them seated upright. 30 minutes before they start getting up and walking around, climbing under the table, or just complaining that they want to leave . They were really good though.

The last photo was from the nearby park. There's sort of a concrete stage they have there. So the kids like to get up there and perform. Eliana was doing her own "Yo Gabba Gabba" show, and Evan was doing his Justin Beiber/LMFAO routine. You can just sit and watch casually though, Evan instructs you where to stand (in the audience,) and then disappears behind the stage. (I don't know what he does back there.) Then he comes running onto the stage and starts performing. Didn't lasting though. The wind was howling and we started to get really cold. So we went back home and made some hot chocolate!

(I apologize for any spelling mistakes. I am typing all of this with two thumbs on a tiny keyboard. 👍👎