Sunday, March 17, 2013

Evan's First Baseball Clinic

On St. Patrick's Day, Evan went to his first indoor baseball 'clinic.' It's sort of like an organized practice session for all the 4-6 year olds who are playing baseball this year. Evan got dressed up in his Phillies
sweatshirt and hat, and was ready to go. When we got there, it was pretty chaotic, dozens of kids running around the gym in all directions, (some colliding,) throwing their gloves in the air, screaming, throwing themselves into the padded wall. Evan just stayed close to my side and watched. The 'coach' came out after a few minutes and tried to have the kids line up on either side of the gym. Trying to get 50 4-6 year olds to line up is harder than you'd think. Each kid on Evan's side of the gym got a ball, and on the coaches cue. had to throw it to the kids on the other side. Of course balls went flying in all directions, kids on the other side were sliding and diving trying to get the balls, but Evan made a pretty good throw. Then all of the kids on the other side get their turn, tossing the ball over to our side. I was impressed how Evan got down on one knee, put his glove down and scooped up a ball right away.

Then it was time to run the bases. The coach had a few kids play the infield positions, (pitcher, 1st base, 2nd base, shortstop, and 3rd base.) The coach was in the catcher position, and would throw the ball into the infield as though it were a hit, and the kid at home plate would have to run to first base as fast as he could. All the kids were lined up against the wall waiting for a turn, so I was explaining to Evan what to do; "Ok, Evan, when the coach throws the ball, where are you going to run to?" Evan: "First base!"
We got to the front of the line and the coach look at Evan and says, "Ok, you go out and play defense, you be the Pitcher." So I helped Evan get out there and I quietly said to him, "Evan, if the ball comes to you, just throw it to that kid over there." (First Base.) Evan seemed to understand, so I went over to the sideline with the other dads and nervously watched as Evan stood out there by himself.

Here's the video of what happened:

Obviously, Daddy is very proud. He probably thinks it's no big deal, but it's totally a big deal.
Great job Evan!