Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Night at the Races!

We went to the Bridgeport Speedway in Bridgeport, NJ on Saturday night, and boy were we in for some fun. It's a dirt track in South Jersey where they race "Dirt Modified" cars. We showed up nice and early and got great seats. 

Eliana with her ear muffs and red Gatorade mustache. The cars were LOUD!

Then something unbelievable happened. Eliana won a BICYCLE! When we came into the race, they had a drawing where kids could win a bike. I put Evan and Eliana's name in, and I couldn't believe it when they called her name! She won a nice little pink and purple bicycle with training wheels! (That's the "Super Moon" in the sky in the background.)

What a great night at the races!