Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thankgiving

Evan's Kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving Show this week. Evan and his classmates did an excellent job performing some really cute and funny songs about Thanksgiving. There were Pilgrims, Indians, and Evan and his friends were Turkeys! Evan had quite a fan club there with Daddy, Mommy, Eliana, Nana, Poppop, and even cousins Frankie and Ava came to see the show.
Here comes Evan and his classmates. He spotted me from rather far away. He probably knew just to look for the bald head and the camera. 

Evan's Kindergarten teacher Miss Windle helps Evan put his Turkey costume on. 

Evan and his friends as turkeys. I'm so glad he's beginning to like having his picture taken. This was while they were lining up just before the show was about to start. 

Just before the show started I noticed a few of the girls crying, clearly overwhelmed, by the large crowd of waiting parents, it just seemed like it may have been a bit too much for some of the kids. When Evan got to the stage, standing in front of the crowd, I noticed Evan rubbing his eyes. I thought he may have just been tired so I asked him about it afterwards. He said he was starting to cry a little bit and seemed a bit embarrassed about it. I told him it was okay and gave him a great big hug. I also told him how proud he made me, and that he really did a great job. Maybe was just feeling a little overwhelmed. I had to explain to him what overwhelmed meant but I think he understood. 

Evan and his class did a GREAT JOB on their Thanksgiving Show. Afterwards, all the parents were invited to a 'feast' back in the lunchroom near their classroom. So proud of this little boy. 

Eliana wanted me to take her picture at the show, so here she is looking as cute as ever.