Saturday, September 27, 2014

What happened this summer Part II (North Wildwood)

We had the best time ever in North Wildwood! We spent the weekend at the Athens II and the kids absolutely loved it. Give the kids a hotel room with a pool and FORGET the beach! I love the picture above though. I got up early to watch the sunrise from our hotel while the kids were still sleeping. But they got up pretty early themselves and wanted to go on the beach right away, just after the beaches had been combed.

Sunrise at North Wildwood, NJ. June 2014.

We had perfect weather.

Eliana and I just watching our feet sink into the sand.

My little body boarders. Fearless! They didn't want to leave the water.

The Wildwood Boardwalk kind of felt like a ripoff. Ugh, I hate to say anything negative in such a positive post, but it really did feel like a shakedown. The kids had fun but I don't think we'll be returning for quite some time. We'll definitely gravitate to the more family friendly spots like Avalon and Ocean City. Be prepared to go through $100 in less than an hour. The kids will win prizes worth less than a dollar. Just not a good vibe overall and I tend to go with my instincts. Forget about bringing the kids here at night. 

North Wildwood was definitely better in terms of cleanliness, beach access, and just overall fun.

Eliana does not like giant fake dinosaurs. Evan, however, does. Eliana made me cover her eyes until just before the moment this photo was taken. This is at a miniature golf place in North Wildwood. We had a great game there, but Eliana wanted to skip the hole with the giant T-Rex. I had to carry her through and cover her eyes until we got to the next hole. 

Eliana tested her bravery in the pool at the Athens II hotel in North Wildwood. The water was up to her chin. At first she was scared, but then she overcame those fears and refused to leave the pool! 

The kids LOVE being in the ocean. Swimming lessons are definitely in order for the winter. They love riding them waves though! We had a great time in North Wildwood and can't wait to return!