Saturday, July 16, 2016

Back to Work

Don't like being away. LOVE being back to work. This is the Montauk Lighthouse in Montauk State Park all the way at the tippy tip of Long Island. Scouting here for a Volvo car ad. This is the easternmost spot in New York State. I wish I could have brought the kids here today. (Besides the 6 and a half hour drive that is...) It wasn't as hot here (for mid-July,) and I think Evan and Eliana would have loved to hike up on those rocks that wrap around the lighthouse. Gigantic granite boulders were placed there to prevent beach erosion so that the lighthouse wouldn't fall into the sea. The rocks were placed very carefully and amazingly flat so that you can walk on them quite easily and it wraps around the lighthouse to the other side to reveal these really neat cliffs.

Here's a fisherman with the cliffs in the background. Really amazing out here. The water off of Montauk Point was pretty rough and rumor has it that it's a Great White Shark breeding ground. No wonder no one was swimming.