Saturday, October 22, 2016

How I Found Out: Eliana

Mommy had some pretty creative ways of letting me know there was a new addition to the family. It was July 2009, and we were down at the beach in Cape May, NJ. Evan and I were playing in the sand enjoying a nice sunny day.

Look at that chunky baby! Me and Evan digging on the beach.

Then Mommy had Evan give me a card. What's this? Happy Father's Day? But that was three weeks ago! 

Oh what a nice card, a picture of Mommy, Evan, Elvis, and Lucy. "Happy Father's Day from the FIVE of us." -Ok, that's cool, thank you!

Ohhhhh from the FIVE of us! Wait WHAT??? I look at Mommy and she has happy tears. Oh my GOD we're having another BABY? Wow, that was exciting news and made for the best belated Father's Day ever. E-L-I-A-N-A! Eliana was on the way!