Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Guess Who's Still Awake?

Evan at 1:30am this morning.

Evan's been using the ottoman to get to his feet.

He loves the guitar, he'll crawl all the way to the other room if he sees it.

We had a long day today. Evan was up pretty early, and Mommy was up pretty late. So I took Evan downstairs to feed him and play with him for a bit while Mommy got some much needed rest. He's into everything now that he's more mobile. He's pretty much drawn to anything he's not supposed to be touching; wires, electrical sockets, christmas lights, drawers, the remote, DVDs, dog bones, you name it. I spend most of the morning watching him with the vigiliance of a Secret Service agent. I'm by no means overbearing, I just can't take my eye off him for too long, and I have to be ready to catch him in an instant when he topples over. Now that he's getting to his feet with the help of furniture, I have to spot him for those moments where he loses his balance. He's also opening and closing drawers now, usually trying to slam them shut with his fingers still inside, so I have to watch him constantly. He's acutely aware of the world around him. You can see him tyring to figure things out.

A few mornings ago, we woke up and he was staring at his fingers as sunlight came through the window. He had his hand in front of his face, wiggling his fingers, turning his hand around, looking at the back of it. I thought it was so cool, he was totally chacking out his hands. The other thing he's been doing that is new is climbing up in his crib. Yesterday was the first time. He grabbed onto the railings and pulled himself up and looked over the side, smiling at us. There's no turning back now! It won't be long before he's on his feet and running around the house.

Evan had a nap earlier this evening, but now he's wide awake. He started throwing up and we're not sure why. He's in good spirits though. We played him the the video on YouTube of Andrea Bocelli singing Elmo to sleep. It seems to make him sleepy, so we kept playing it for him. It didn't work tonight. You try to hold him and he pushes away from you like he wants to get down. I'm like, "Evan! where are you gonna go!" He's really active to say the least, even late at night. Well, it's after 2am and Mommy has just informed me that after much of a battle, Evan is finally asleep. WHEW!

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