Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleepy Baby

I had my first sort of "Baby Emergency" yesterday morning. One of those, "I just turned my back for a second" moments. I was up early watching Evan, and I made my cup of tea, and brought him into the computer room with me so I could check e-mails. I sat him in his "Sweetpeace" swing. It's a swing that swings left to right rather than forward and back. It has a child restraint that goes over the legs, kind of like something you'd have when you go on one of the newer roller coasters. I sat him down in the seat, just two feet behind me, and clamped him in. With him being 7 months now, he's starting to figure things out. He opened the restraint and was lifting it up and down. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I turned my head bak to what I was doing on the computer and heard a horrible thud. Poor Evan was laying in a heap on the floor and even though I scooped him up right away, it was still in that tiny sliver of time between when a child falls and when they let out the biggest scream of their life. I panicked and ran him upstairs to Genevieve, holding his head. I was so worried that he had hit his head on the floor. He was wailing so hard that there was moments of silence in between so he could take a big, giant breath and let out the next one.

He seemed to be okay, mommy took him right away and he seemed to begin to calm down. I ran downstairs to call the doctor right away. They pretty much tell you these days that if the child is not visibly injured or unconscious, then they are probably okay, just look out for signs of a concussion. Within an hour or so, he seemed okay. There were no bumps or swelling, and he didn't seem to be in pain, so I guess he's okay. Today, you'd never know anything happened. He's been trying to pick himself up and is pretty good at getting to his feet with the help of some furniture or his Leap Frog Train. He's probably bumped his head a dozen times since the fall, all only seem to bother him for about a second or two, then he goes back to climbing, crawling, and getting into whatever interests him, which right now, seems to be everything.


Lisa said...

Pete, I understand the awful feeling. Julia kicked the tray off her high chair at 7 months, and slid to the ground. I was sure she was going to end up brain damaged.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pete it only gets worse as they get older! Emily was 6 months old and hadn't rolled over yet. She decided to roll over during a nap on Grammie's bed and fell between the bed and the end table. We were in the den (under their bedroom) and heard a thud - I tell you, I have never moved faster in my entire life. I scooped her up and she was crying (usually a good sign) and she had a scratch on her head (not bleeding) but she was fine. I just about had a heart attack, but she was fine. Injuries will come and go but they never get any easier. Evan is adorable and you guys are great parents!!!