Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here She Is!

Genevieve and I went for her ultrasound this morning at Paoli Hospital. In typical Pete & Gen fashion, we were running late. The drive to the hospital was beginning to remind me of the time we raced to the hospital when Genevieve was in labor and about to give birth. It was a nail biting 25 minute race to get to the hospital in time for our appointment, but we made it. When the ultrasound began, the baby was quite active, moving around quite a bit. The ultrasound tech told us that she feels pretty strongly that we're having a girl. Which wasn't a surprise to me and Genevieve, because we both had a feeling. Her more so than I of course. I mean, she said it literally feels different this time. We're hoping to hear all the measurements are okay from the Doctor on Monday, but from today's ultrasound, it became apparent that we are having a little girl! We're both very excited. It was fun to change the Daddy Diaries pink today and drop "Thank heaven for little girls" as a status update on Facebook. Today was a great day.

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