Sunday, January 9, 2011


Evan and Eliana got to spend some time with their cousins Mikey, Louie, and William on Sunday. I think they all had a blast playing together.

Eliana and William are right around the same age, within 2 weeks or so. It was cool to watch them interact.

William poses for a shot on the piano.

Mikey tossing up some wrapping paper. The kids got a little taste of Christmas and got to open presents since they hadn't seen their cousins over the holidays.
Louie. He's a cool kid.

The perfect gift. A custom made Brobee towel. (Brobee from "Yo Gabba Gabba.") I wish I had a better shot of the towel, because it's awesome. Eliana got a pink Foofa towel. I know these are going to be the only towels their going to want to use for a very long time...Thanks Jeanie!

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