Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is what I came out to this morning in Brooklyn. The snow plows had buried me (and everyone else) in. I had to do a little bit of hand digging, but I put the truck in 4 Wheel Drive, and just plowed my way out. That's my suitcase and backpack sitting on the snow. 

I've been in New York working on a commercial this week. There were rumors of a snow storm on the news all week. First it was going to be 3-6 inches, then 6-9 inches, then 6-10. Last night, 19 inches of snow fell on Central Park.  We got clobbered. The first round of snow came in the morning and kept changing back and forth from snow, to sleet, then freezing rain. When the second wave of snow came, it hit very hard. I was leaving work around 9pm and it was near blizzard conditions. I think it's been since the Blizzard of '96 since I've seen snow come down that hard. There was thunder and lightening that looked and sounded just like a summer thunderstorm.

I put it in 4 Wheel Drive, backed up and pulled forward a few times, and I was free! Others weren't so lucky. I wonder if the spot will be there when I get back tonight? 

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