Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

The Christmas Tree all ready at 7am. That's right, 7am! We were up all night preparing for Santa's arrival. Santa's elves were busy wrapping presents, and were feeling like zombies by the time the sin came up. I went to 'bed' at 7:30 in Evan's room hoping and praying that he didn't decided to wake up. Luckily, they both slept until about 9:30am.

Then at 10am, it was time to open presents!

Eliana checks out her Yo Gabba Gabba guitar.

Mommy and the kids quietly opening presents. I like the fact that they opened a present, played with it for a few minutes, then went on to the next one. They took hours to open all the presents rather than blowing through all of them in 15 minutes. Eliana opened the last of her presents after dinner tonight.

Eliana with her Sesame Street setup.

Christmas gift fatigue starts setting in after a few hours...

But the sad face goes away once you see what's inside!