Monday, December 5, 2011


So I was up late the other night, unable to sleep, so I started looking on Google Maps to see if there was anywhere fun to stop on our way to Naples, FL. I found out there was this neat Dinosaur place right down the road in Plant City, FL. The kids had a great time, although Evan was less interested in the dinosaurs, and more interested in the simulated archeological dig they had for the kids. (Basically a giant sand box with a pretend dinosaur fossil buried in the sand. Evan could have spent all day there, playing in the sand, but Eliana wanted no part of it. No sand is allowed to touch her feet. Ever.

This would not have been funny 165 million years ago.

Evan playing in the big sand box.

Then we spent some time in the playground. I think they liked this much more than the dinosaurs. 

Eliana sporting a mark on her left eye after falling off of the bed in the hotel the night before, and hitting her head on the side table. She's okay now though.