Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby, it's COLD Outside.

Man it's cold out there tonight, but I'm not complaining, not entirely. It's been unusually mild since we got back from Florida a few weeks ago, but we're really getting socked with a cold spell tonight. 14 degrees at last check. I went outside a few times late tonight to see if I could spot any meteors from the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. (Say it with me, Quad ran tid.) But it was way too cold to spend more than a few minutes outside, and I didn't see any meteors at all streaking across the sky. I had read that there was supposed to be 100-200 an hour. Well, I'm not waiting out in the cold to find out. I was out walking Elvis late last night, and thought I saw another dog crossing our path, so I whistled to it, and it stopped in it's tracks, looked at me, and scampered off. It was a Fox. I've seen quite a few around here, especially late at night. Elvis was so busy sniffing the ground and trying to mark his territory, he didn't even notice the Fox a few feet away. Good thing, because I'm sure he would have given chase, and who knows how that would have ended. 

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