Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Aside from a few cold days this past week, we've had a pretty mild winter so far. It was 62 degrees today, rather unusual for January, but I'm not complaining. Gave the kids a chance to get outside
and get some fresh air. 

Evan posing with his Star Wars laser gun. Evan tells me he only shoots at "bad guys."

Eliana came out to join us and brought Mr Incredible along. 

This is the face I got after complaining that Evan doesn't smile enough.

Eliana prefers to shoot with the gun on it's side.

They love playing on the roots of an old Sycamore tree out in front of the house. They love peeling the bark off, and playing with the brown seed pods that fall off the tree.

It was not easy photographing them today. Neither one of them wanted anything to do with the camera. It was a real struggle to get them to look at the camera for even a second. I know, they're toddlers, I have to play by their rules. If they want their picture taken, then they'll ask me.

Eliana like laying down on the concrete for some reason. Not like here in the photo, I mean, head down on the ground like she's going to sleep. Not sure why she does it, maybe she likes how the ground feels cool on her skin, maybe she's listening for earthquakes.