Sunday, September 16, 2012

Growing So Fast

I'm always amazed when i haven't seen the kids for a few days, how much they've grown it what seems like such a short time. I asked Eliana tonight, "How come you're not a baby anymore?" She said "'Cause I big now!" That she is. Evan is tall, and Eliana is not far behind at all. There was a few funny moments tonight where both of them were trying to talk to me at the same time at full speed, and I'm trying to keep up with what each one is saying, but it's impossible! My head was going back and forth trying to hear what each of them were trying to tell me. Evan looks like such a big kid with his new haircut. Eliana's hair getting really long and she has these really big and beautiful curls in the back. Evan impressed the heck out of me last night when Mommy showed him some flash cards and he could READ! He's so smart it's astonishing to me. Both of them make me so proud. Times are difficult right now, but they are such a ray of beaming sunshine that it's hard to feel down when you're with them. (By the way, i typed this whole paragraph with two thumbs on my iPhone.)