Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Daddy Does

It's hard to explain to my kids what I do. I tell them I work on 'TV Commercials,' but I think it's hard for them to understand. So I took some pictures on my latest job to give them some kind of idea of 'What Daddy Does." I've been away on a pretty long stretch in New York. Great to be back at work, terrible to be away from the kids for so long.

Besides all of the boring paperwork we have to do beforehand, on the day of the film shoot, we have to 'land the trucks.' All the trucks loaded with filming and lighting equipment show up where we are filming and we have to have a place ready for them to park their trucks.
So here's one of the big trucks, full of filming equipment that daddy has to park. There's usually a few of these big guys.

Then all the worker guys unload all of the equipment off of the truck. 

And here's the star of the commercial! The new Chrysler 300. Looks a lot like Mr. Sheetz's car from next door. It's the same car, but this is the brand new one!

Then we have to drive the car up on a trailer called a 'process tralier.' The camera guy sits up on the trailer and films it, so it looks like it's driving! But it's actually not driving, it's being towed by a tow truck!

In another scene, our guys hook up a hose to a fire hydrant, and spray water on the street to make it look like it just rained outside. 

Then, when we're all ready to film, the director asks if the camera guy is ready, then he yells, "Roll Camera!" and..."ACTION!"
So, that's a little bit about what daddy does. In a few weeks, we'll be able to see this commercial on TV, and you can say, "My Daddy Worked on that Commercimal!"