Monday, October 22, 2012

Remembering Uncle Steve

Evan's cousin Riley checks out the trains as they go by Uncle Steve and Aunt Diane's house on the day of his funeral. Uncle Steve was a one of a kind train enthusiast. Riley is his grandson.

Mommy gives Evan a boost to check out the passing freight trains.

Cousin Ava, Evan, and Eliana had fun playing in the sandbox.

Uncle Steve's trains went on a memorial ride.

Evan and Eliana having fun on the Boat/Sandbox. When you put the lid on the sandbox, the kids can pretend they're on a boat!

Eliana spent the afternoon dancing around the yard with his cousin stephanie!

All the cousins trying to look over the fence. Looks like Eliana needs a boost.

Look at how big Eliana is! So beautiful!

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