Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Slugger

Great game today! Boy, coaching 4 year old tee ball is not easy. You only have their attention for about 10% of the time. But most of them respond well to coaching, and they really seem to like when you're pleased with something they did well. Today, I was in the outfield helping kids catch grounder and throw it back to me. Not as easy as it sounds. I had kids hitting each other, trying to climb the fence, looking the opposite way, it was hard to keep them focused! But they did well. I saw a couple of kids start to get better right before my eyes. Evan did great today. He got a hit that went right into the outfield, and was really good and fielding and throwing.

Evan about to get a big hit!

Evan on First Base.

Waiting on 3rd to come home!

The runner goes!

He scores!

Coach Pete and Evan leaving the field after the game.

All hands in the middle, ready? 1...2...3! Phillies!