Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feels Like Summer!

It was 88 degrees today. Evan and Eliana were over at Daddy's and we worked on some Tee Ball hitting, and Eliana joined in! She did great! She was very determined as you will see in the photos below. Evan was really drilling some line drives. I adjusted his batting stance slightly and had him line up the fat part of his bat, similar to the way a golfer would line up the golf club to the ball on the tee. He really started clobbering the ball.

Look at how handsome this boy is. I don't know if you can see the shirt, but I got it at Target today, it's a Tiger with his mouth open. Evan told me he was 'posing' for photos now.

Eliana was busy picking 'flowers.' They were weeds really, with tiny little purple flowers on top.

Magnolia Tree in full bloom.

Eliana offering me some tiny flowers.

Evan hitting the ball of the tee.

Eliana and the face of sheer determination. She did great!

Eliana wanted to climb this tree!

Evan's turn!

My big girl.

Great day with the kids today. HOT! Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay.