Wednesday, September 25, 2013

After School

So, like I said, I was picking them up from school most of the week. We would usually go to a park, to let them play until dinner time, or go to my place to play there.
Usually, as soon as I've picked Evan up and get him in the car, I'll take a photo of him and send it to his Mommy so she know's he's happy and has had a good day at school. 

This was Eliana and I at her favorite playground. The band on her head was from when she walked into the back of a chair at a hamburger place where we were having lunch.

Eliana were really getting into soccer, so much that they got a little out of hand going after the ball. Not sure if you can see the look on Eliana's face on this one.

Here's Evan after another day of school with a Capri Sun drink hanging out of his mouth.

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