Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Baseball

Evan started Fall Tee Ball this week, with his new team, the "Ironpigs," named after the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs, a minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania. He has a few of his team mates from his Phillies team in the spring, but there's also some new faces. Coach Nikki is back and once again doing a great job as head coach. I volunteered again to help coach the team. It really has been a great experience and I think Evan likes having his daddy as a coach.

Evan decked out in his Phillies gear before practice with a future Tee Ball star.

 Evan in has brand spankin' new uniform.

Evan, (Left,) and his new teammates.

Getting 5 year olds to line up like this is harder than it looks...

 Evan and his buddy Conner! Conner was on the Phillies team with Evan in the spring and was in Evan's preschool class last year. So they go way, way back.

Evan on 1st Base after his first hit of the season.

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