Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Check out our Pumpkins!

Even though we planted our pumpkins late, they seem to be doing quite well with all the rain we've been having. Evan and Eliana helped plant pumpkins, corn, watermelons, and sunflowers this year, but I got a bit of a late start planting in July. Pumpkins are supposed to be rather frost hardy (down to 28 degrees,) so we're hoping to get a few good pumpkins, if not by Halloween, then definitely before Thanksgiving. The heart shaped leaves on the fence are Moon Flowers, although I haven't seen any flowers yet, and it's mid October. I think I'm going to start seeds under lights in the basement in early spring next season. I plan on making the garden much larger next year. I'm going to nerd out and do lots of research on what to plant, where, and when. This year was more of an experiment.