Monday, October 21, 2013

Jolie's 5th Birthday Party

Evan and Eliana went to their friend Jolie's birthday party this weekend at Freedom Playground in Havertown, PA. The weather was picture perfect and all the kids had a blast. Evan went to Preschool with Jolie last year, and now Eliana goes to preschool with Jolie's younger sister, Aisley.
That's Jolie in the middle wearing pink next to Evan. Next to her is her sister Aisley.

I tried to explain to Evan, "That's how girls show they like you, they tackle you and try to beat you up." I don't think he quite understood.

Here's Eliana looking out the window of the boat in the playground. 

Jolie's Dad tries to light the candles on a breezy day.

Jolie's Mom & Dad cut the cupcake cake. Birthday girl first. This cake had LOTS of icing! YUM!

Jolie takes the girls for a spin on the tire swing.

Evan practicing for Tough Mudder.