Saturday, May 16, 2009

Evan: Toddler.

It occured to me today...Evan is no longer an infant. He is a full blown toddler! He's grown in leaps and bounds in recent weeks. He doesn't want food from a jar anymore, he wants REAL food. He's tried meatballs and spaghetti, turkey, roast beef, loves it. (Sorry vegetarians!) He's also become more daring with his walking. He's not doing the "Frankenstein" walk anymore. (Arms forward, legs apart.) He's walking with much more confidence, 'swagger' if you will. Today for instance, we took him to King of Prussia mall, just outside Philadelphia. I set him down to walk next to me and tried to hold his hand. Do you know what he did? He slapped my hand away every time. Oh boy, I was worried that he would be fiercely independent. Looks like he's got a mind of his own. Doesn't want to be seen holding Daddy's hand in the mall with all these cute chicks riding around in strollers! It was funny to look down and see him just strolling through the mall, looking around. So as we're walking around the mall today, and we noticed that Paul Stanley, the lead singer of Kiss was going to be doing an appearance at an art gallery. Of course, we left the camera at home, and while I know it wouldn't have been much of a thrill for Evan now, it could have been a cool story for later. Apparently Paul Stanley does all these paintings, some Kiss themed, some abstract. Genevieve went and talked to the curator, but you had to drop some serious dough on one of his paintings just to get to meet him. Needless to say, Evan didn't meet Paul Staley from Kiss, but we had a good day anyway. Here's another HD clip from a recent trip to The Highlands, where we were married. Evan was tired and didn't want to take anymore photos or video. He's unimpressed by this whole HD thing.

The Highlands Revisited from Pete Burke on Vimeo.

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