Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The many faces of Evan Austin

One thing you can't accusing Evan of is not having personality. He is becoming quite the character, let me tell you. His personality is one of the great new things that have been emerging lately including his developing sense of humor, and pretending. He's also getting really good at identifying pictures, objects, and people, even though he can't say all of the words or names yet. I drew some pictures for him today with crayon on a piece of paper. I drew a fish, puppy, car, and ceiling fan. (He's always been fascinated by ceiling fans for some reason.) He was able to identify each item that I drew for him. Since he can't say all the words, he substitutes sounds for them instead, sounds that he's come up with himself. For fish, he opens and closes his mouth making a popping sound, just like when we feed the fish in his Poppop's koi pond. For the puppy, he just says "oof, oof." When he points to the car he says, "Brrrrrr." He even recognized my poor attempt at drawing a ceiling fan, he pointed to it and said, "ffffff." That's about as much of the word "fan" as he can get out at the moment, but he's trying! At bath time tonight, Evan had some of his fish toys in the bath with him. I was surprised when he just leaned over and put his face in the water and came up making a face like a fish. I think he was pretending he was one of the fish. He also like pretending he's one of the dogs. He crawls over to their dog bowls, goes "oof, oof" and pretends to eat out of their bowl. He's making some great progress, I'm very proud of him.

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