Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy Diaries!

New photos of Evan this morning.

Tomorrow, May 6th will mark one year since I began this little project I called the Daddy Diaries. How different things were then! Genevieve was 9 months pregnant, and the anticipation and excitement was almost surreal. I really wanted to document the whole experience, but I didn't really know where to even begin. I was totally new to blogging and trying to figure the whole process out. Looking back, there's probably some things I would have liked to have done differently. I would have liked to have documented the days leading up to the birth better, but to be honest, labor was so intense, I think Genevieve would have tried to kill me had I been trying to play journalist while she was going through pure hell. It's been great for my Mom & Dad, who are down in Florida. It's hard for them to travel, so it's been a great way of keeping them update on milestones, and being able to show them new photos and video clips the day they were shot. It's a big job keeping up with all of the photos and videos shot, and ultimately getting them up on the site. I guess that's why I find myself still up at almost 5am after spending the entire night, (after Evan went to bed,) organizing the new photos, backing them up on a seperate hard drive, and uploading them to Flickr.

There some new changes coming to the Diaries in the coming year. With the new camera I just acquired, the Canon 5D Mark II, I'll be able to shoot 1080i, full HD video clips. Imagine that, Evan's going to look at old DV tapes and MPEG clips and wonder how we ever watched such low quality video. I bought a UV filter to protect the lens incase he decides to throw applesauce at it, or throw a baseball at it. With the new camera, the quality of the photos will improve drastically, (I hope,) and I imagine that the sheer amount of photos will double if not triple. Luckily, Genevieve has been helping me out with the Daddy Diaries, and wrote most of the entries and took most of the photos for April. Her photography is really coming along, and I really enjoy her writing, so I'm looking forward to some more of her contributions to the blog in the coming year. Who knows, maybe this time next year, there will be another baby for me to write about...

OMG, the birds are chirping, time for me to go to bed, I'm sure Evan will be up in half an hour.

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