Friday, April 8, 2011

Cutest. Kids. Ever.

Evan. 2 Years, 10 Months.

Eliana Isabella, 13 Months.

Look, I know I'm their father, and my opinion may be a little bit biased, but to me, they really are the cutest kids I've ever seen. These were my favorite pics from our shoot. I was a little bummed that Evan's eyes were in soft focus, because it was the best shot out of the few that I was able to take, but it's still a great shot. 

Eliana's new trick is when Mommy says, "Eliana, show us your eyes!" This is what she does. So cute. You can see Eliana's teeth coming in, too many to count at this point. This was a tough photo shoot though, hopefully, they will get easier as the months and years go on. Some advice: don't give your kids anything with red dye in it before a photo shoot. Just sayin.' 


Anonymous said...

I know Evan and Eliana are my gran,children, BUT!!! I have to agree with you Pete,They ARE! THE CUTEST KIDS EVVVEERRRR!!!lOVE THEM LOTS!....NANXXXOOO

genevieve said...

Seven. Eliana has seven teeth. Four up top, and three on the bottom. For her birthday she had all four up top and one on the bottom arrive at the same time. And as you remember this is the second appearance of those two front teeth. She's working on some more, hopefully one at a time.