Thursday, August 23, 2012

1000th Daddy Diaries Entry!

Of course, I had hoped to do a grand blog post for the 1000th 'Daddy Diaries' entry, but alas, it never came to be. In all honesty, things have just been too crazy lately. But I wanted to recognize this milestone in a blog that I started over 4 years ago, one that I started to document the birth of our first child, Evan, so that my Mom in Florida, who hasn't been well enough to travel, would be able to see all of the latest pictures and stay up to date on even the most mundane developments. Since then, we've watched Evan grow into a handsome young man and witnessed the birth of his wonderful little sister, Eliana. Now we're witnessing her grow into a beautiful princess through the 'pages' of this diary. I don't know how long I'm going to keep this up, but I have no plans of stopping. Maybe when Evan gets to grade school and I post an embarrassing school photo in a blog entry and his friends see it, he'll sheepishly ask me stop doing the blog. "Please Dad! You're embarrassing me!" Until then. I'm going to keep going.