Saturday, August 11, 2012

Highland Orchards

Getting back to the day we went to Highland Orchards. It really was a fun day, although extremely humid and buggy. Picking blueberries and blackberries right off of the bush was a first for all of us.
I think it was great for the kids to see where their fruits and veggies come from. After a little picnic, and some fun feeding the goats, we drove up to pick peaches off the tree. Evan loved climbing up the tree and plucking out peaches. It was easy for him since the branches were so low.

Only the dark ones are ripe for picking...

More photos from peach picking in the next post...


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures Pete....No wonder the kids look so healthy,God Bless them,they spend so much time in the lovely fresh air...Can't believe how big Eliana is getting,she's as tall as Evan now...In fact you all look great!!Momxoxo!

Pete Burke said...

Thanks Mom! See! Your comments come through no problem!

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