Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Darn Bees

Well it was all fun and games at the playground today until some darn bee came and stung Evan right on the ear lobe. He was REALLY upset, and it seemed like it hurt really bad. So I did what any father would do, I panicked. Well, not entirely, I just get really upset when the kids get hurt. So I swooped Evan up and started to carry him out while ordering Eliana to follow us out of the playground, past all the bewildered parents as they looked on, probably wondering what happened. Evan was screaming at the top of his lungs. I mean, I doubt he's ever experienced this much pain in his life, so he was really screaming in pain, who can blame him? I had a feeling helplessness as I carried him all the way to the parking lot, with Eliana taking her sweet ole' time behind us. She seemed to be more bummed about having to leave the playground early more than anything.

Mind you, I knew it wasn't a good sign when we got to the park, and while getting out of the car I noticed there where bees everywhere. The playground has a picnic area nearby, and of course hornets love hanging around the garbage cans. I don't mean just a few bees here and there. The place was inundated, but there were a lot of parents and kids there so I figured it might not be too big of a problem. I had to swat a few away from Eliana in the first few minutes we were there, but I was thinking they were more of a nuisance than anything.

When I finally got to the parking lot with Evan, A Mom bringing her kids into the park could see that I was extremely stressed out, carrying my poor screaming child, asked if she could help. I asked if she had a first aid kit, which she did, so she promptly rushed back to her car and brought back one of those wipes that is supposed to ease bee stings. Evan was out of his mind. He didn't even want me to touch his ear. It was bright red, the area where the bee stung him was starting to swell. "Daddy, it hurts...(long pause)..Mommy!" It was upsetting to watch, not really being able to do anything about the pain. Then as I got Evan and Eliana fastened into their car seats and started driving away, Evan started freaking out because he thought there was a be in the car. "Daddy, roll up the windows!" He was really scared. I pulled over and got out of the car and opened all the doors. It was only a fly, but clearly, he was traumatized. I think I was too at this point.

Of course this whole time, with it being our kid's first bee sting, I'm thinking of all the horror stories of kids with bee sting allergies. What if he goes into anaphylactic shock? Complete overreaction I'm sure, but when your child gets hurt, you are hurdled into protective parent mode, and no reaction seems like an overreaction at the time. We were able to get a hold of his pediatrician's office, and get him over there right away. It wasn't quite an emergency room emergency, but I wanted him to be seen right away nonetheless. All the while, Eliana is sitting in her car seat, as cool as a cucumber. By the time we got to his doctor's office, Evan was starting to calm down.  Besides a tear and sniffle filled call to Mommy to tell her what happened, I was relieved to see that nothing really bad had happened to him besides the sting to the ear.

Happy to say Evan is home and doing well. He was a brave little boy today under the circumstances and I couldn't be more proud of him. Bees beware; I'm bringing a fly swatter to the playground next time, and I am taking no prisoners. (Mosquitos, this means you too.)