Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Trip to the Park

Since it looked like Spring may have arrived today, or at least visiting, we took Evan out for his first trip to the park. It was his first time going to a park and going on the swings, big slides, and seeing all the other kids playing. I was surprised at how much he liked the swings, I thought he may have been a bit nervous, but he wanted me to push him higher and higher. If you think the photos look like they're from the 70's, it's because I played with the coloration on the photos a bit. They remind me of pictures of me from Johnson Park in New Brunswick, NJ in 1976.

Evan and Mommy on the big slide.

Not ready for these quite yet.
Trying on Dad's shades.
Going down the big slide with Daddy.
Finally getting pooped. Resting on Mommy's shoulder.

Checkin' out the duckies.

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