Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sore baby

I think all of the walking and FALLING has really caught up to poor little Evan today. My dad said it best, it's got to be like learning how to ski, you have to learn how to balance and move at the same time all the while you're just falling so hard over and over again. I went skiing (is it two i's?) once, for a few hours, I was hurting for the next week or so, I hated it. I'm sure Evan is feeling sore from all of the falling, he's been landing pretty hard on the floor. After falling, instead of getting up, he now lays on the floor on his belly with his head to the side with his arms and legs stretched out. And we say "nite-nite baby!" and he smiles then gets back up only to fall down again. I figured, today, we'll take a break from walking and go for a different kind of walk where I walk and he rides in the stroller relaxing and enjoying some fresh air. It started off ok, but ended up being a bad idea. Every tiny bump we hit on the stroller (like the cracks in the sidewalk) Evan gave a little whimper, which turned into louder complaints. By the time we got home Evan was holding his head and trying to get out of the stroller. But when we got back he was happy to see his Pop-Pop and the fish and the cat, I showed him how to take pictures, he enjoyed trying to push all the buttons. We took pictures of Lucy and the cat, Lance, who Evan likes to call "OUT"! I guess we should talk to the cat nicer.
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I like to call this photo "cheeks & eyelashes"

-photo by Evan & Mommy

-photo by Evan & Mommy

I zoomed in and brightened this photo just to show you his TEETH!
All five of them! Check out that fang!
The other "fang" is working it's way out now, but you can't really see it in this picture.

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