Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting Going

Yeah, so I'm a little slow getting this thing going, but I'll be posting a lot soon. This blog will be mostly for family checking in on how our new baby is doing. Genevieve and I expecting our first child, a baby boy around May 25th 2008. I wanted to have some kind of running record for the family, and eventually, for the baby himself. I'll be posting photos, updates, etc.

So the plan is, to do this blog every day leading up to the day the baby is born. I'll have my computer with me in the hospital, and I'll be able to post photos and the announcement rather quickly. Once Genevieve and the baby are doing okay of course, and providing that I don't pass out.

I guess I could start with some pictures of me and Genevieve from our first date in 2001. We met in October of 2000 when I was on tour with Hanson. Genevieve was working at the Tower Theatre in Philly on the day we met. We decided to stay in touch and went on our first date several months later, in May 2001. (If the baby were to be born on May 26th, it would be exactly 7 years from our first date!) Just a week after our first date, Genevieve had to leave for a job on the Backstreet Boys tour.

I'll probably edit this later, just getting the hang of posting photos, paragraph spacing, etc.

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